Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Congratulations LGBTQAIs

Let’s review:

The Gay Rights Movement’s biggest victories are:

1. Inclusion in Hate Crimes Laws; laws biasedly enforced by Racist cops
and legal professionals, in a legal system that places a high price tag
on Justice.

2. Removal of (long ignored and unenforceable) sodomy laws.

3. An end to ho#using discrimination based on sexual preference, which
never really impacted wealthy & powerful White gays, and it’s still
irrelevant to the thousands of poor and non-White LGBTQAIs who live on
the streets cuz they, like most other Americans can not afford to enjoy
their new and old freedoms.

4.  The Right to serve openly in the Omnicidal Imperial Armed Forces.

5. The Right to marry, as long as they can afford to. (We won’t even
get into the politics of the oppressive institution of Puritan,
monogamous, legal marriage and how it serves Industrial Capitilism, not

Congratu-fucking-lations LGBTQAI Community.