Sell Out, Traitors, and Uncle Toms.

There were Native Americans who fully embraced the European settlement of North America. They bragged about how well they spoke the European languages, they worshiped the European Gods, they ate the (awful) European food.

These Native Americas said to the other Natives; “if you’d just stop drinking that fire water (read: getting high), stop being nomadic and work the land (read: being lazy and get a job), stop raiding the White settlements and killing the White man’s cattle [who were crowding out the buffalo] (read: committing crimes), stop following the ways of our ancestors (read: living in the past); then you could succeed in the New America.

Ultimately those Natives who embraced the Settlers, who thought they would be exempt from the fate that befell those no-good, Victim Mentality Natives succumbed to the Genocidal agenda of the Europeans to. Their lands were taken, their warriors were slaughtered, their women were raped, their lives were shattered, and they found themselves right next to the no-good Natives in the Concentration Camps we euphemistically call Indian reservations.

There were Jews who supported the Nazi platform, they considered themselves Proud and Patriotic Germans. They wanted the German Empire, or the Reich to expand. They also felt that their beloved nation was cheated in the Treaty of Versailles, they were ready and willing to take up arms in the Nazi War machine and restore Germany to its former glory.

They told the other Jews; stop being so caught up in your Jewish identity and embrace your German nation (read: post-racial), they told them that if they didn’t separate themselves in the ethnic enclaves, but mingled with other Germans then they would see that we are all the same (read: integration). Many Jews married German women so show how the antisemitism of Europe was a thing of the past. These Assimilationist Jews even told the other Jews to go along with all of the Anti-Jewish laws of the Nazis to show the nation that they respect the law and "Adolf Hitler, our Führer.”

Even as the Nazi Concentration Camps were running at full capacity, these Integrationist Jews held to the hope of being fully accepted by Germany, and some were even appointed “Honorary Aryans,” and allowed to fight for the Nazis as Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, no lie.

You had…Chinese who embraced the Japanese Imperialist, South East Asians who Embraced the French and later the US colonizers, Aboriginals who embraced the British, South American Natives who Embraced the Conquistadors, etc..etc…etc.

I’m saying all this to illustrate that having traitors in our mist is nothing to be ashamed of, all afflicted people produce them, even White folks, look how many Irish supported the English occupation of their lands.

We need to Expose, Isolate, and Eject these New Negros who love to hold our enemies blameless for their ongoing atrocities. New Negros who attack and shame black people for failing to be successful capitalist (read: parasites), or for falling into the dysfunction that oppression and despair breeds.

One of the main differences between those who can’t end their oppression and those who secure Independence is how well they deal with Sell Outs, Traitors, and Uncle Toms.

“That’s is why the Chinese are the strongest in standing against the White man, because there are no more Uncle Tom Chinamen.” – Malcolm X (remarking on how the Maoist systematically expelled or hunted and killed every person who collaborated with the Japanese, the British, or any other nations that tried to colonize China.)

“Never let a traitor go unpunished!” – Del Jones