Mass Incarceration: The Most Basic Form of Genocide.

The laws (along with their enforcement) in this nation are not based on morality, or established for the well being of the citizens. Laws are set up by the wealthy and powerful to preserve their status. The actions that the wealthy take to enrich themselves are legal no matter how damaging they are to the society or the environment. The actions that the poor take to increase their individual wealth or collective power are made unlawful or illegal. Just laws are adhered to without coercion, unjust laws must be enforced by armed gangs (police) and brutal repression.

The mass incarceration of Africans in the US has nothing to do with our immorality or our unlawfulness, it is necessary to maintain the wealth and power imbalance that has been set up since our forced immigration to this land. Simply being law abiding will not protect us from police harassment, brutality, incarceration, or premature death. The only responsible and viable path for us is Revolution. Passivity will not spare us violence, incarceration, or genocide; and Revolution will not increase it. We either set up and advance our own agenda or we will be victims of our enemies agendas, the choice is yours. Remember, mass incarceration is nothing more than the CONCENTRATION of a population; and the most basic form of genocide.