Black Integration: Starting From the Bottom…and staying there.

The worst thing about Integration is that it’s always late.

Dr Claud Anderson stated that “Racism holds us in place until technology (progress) can steamroll over us.” That means that in our efforts to overcome Racism and Integrate into the System, we are stagnant and surpassed by those who don’t expend energy on fighting Racism.

As we fight Racism, because Racism prevents us from fully Integrating into the Dominate System, we fail to put needed resources and energy in building independently of the Dominate System, and even more tragically we fail to erect defenses against the Dominate System. So, by the the time we over come the Racist barriers to Integration the System we were fighting to integrate into has evolved, it’s on to some next shit, while we have integrated into the old shit.

Slavery locked us into Feudalism, we got freed from slavery but we were not allowed to join, nor were we prepare for the Industrial Revolution that followed the era of Chattel Slavery. We were Sharecropping as our former oppressors when on to build modern industry.

We fought for justice in the Feudal System, we struggled to get our own land, farms, and basic rights; but by the time we were making progress and securing our own farms and getting out from under the Sharecropping System the Whites came with the Green Revolution, they industrialized farming while we were just integrating into the Systems of small family farms that Whites excluded us from. So we lost our farms and were driven off of the agricultural lands. This could have been averted if we constructed our on path forward instead of Integrating onto our Oppressor’s path.

Then we came into the Northern (and Western) Industrial centers, and we finally joined the Industrial Revolution. Some of us got “dem gud factory yobs.” We organized yet again for political rights, to integrate White Labor Unions, to form our own Unions, to have full and open access to their industrial Economy, Systems, and Institutions. By the time we won Integration and full Rights in the Industrial Economy Whites were already on to the Post-industrial society!

They were shutting down the industries and shipping them overseas, they were moving from Industrial Capitalism on to Finance Capitalism while we were just getting a foothold into Industrial Capitalism because they locked us into Feudal Capitalism in the Deep South for a 100 years! We were late to Feudal Capitalism because we were held in Chattel Slavery for another few centuries. We been playing catch up since we were kidnapped and brought here!

We are still, even to this day falling for this trick of: being locked into an old economic and social System, wasting time and resources into integrating into the new System, only to end up being allowed to integrate into that new System just as that System becomes obsolete. Then we start to struggle to integrate into that newer System as we lose generations of our people locked into the obsolete System. SMH.

Today our New Negros misLeaders got us trying to integrate into the current System, even though it’s showing signs of obsolescence. The Corporate Capitalist Economy. By they time we’ve trained our Talented Tenth to join the Internet Age, I primroses you, the Whites you are seeking to Integrate with will be on to some next shit, and our grandchildren will be trying to integrate into the Next Shit.

What we need to do is to stop fucking seeking Integration, Equality, and Access to our Oppressors Systems and Institutions, we need to construct our own independent and divergent agendas!

Stop raising Black children to be Human Resources for our enemies’ agendas!

We need to simply decided what kinda world we want to live in, then begin to both construct that world while being prepared to wage economic/political/cultural/social and even, if comes to it, military war against those who seek to oppose or undermine us in our efforts to construct the world we seek to live in.

Fuck integrating into other people’s shit, you will always be behind, even when you are successful in your integration efforts.

Some Black Nationalist try to pretend that they are not Integrationist, but when you look at their agendas they are just militant versions of old-school integration. They want “economic development” that is no different than the Oppressor’s, they want schools that train up our youth no different than our Oppressor’s. Their attitudes about Women, ecology, and their overall world view is just a Blackatized version of the Oppressor’s. Militant Integrationist who pretend to be African-Centered, or Black Nationalist will end up just like the New Negro Integrationist, so don’t waste time with them.

This is a historical overview, and I know folks already think my post are way too long, but it’s hard to articulate certain ideas in a few line, or at least I don’t know how to. Sorry.

My basic point is, that we need to begin to construct our own vision, our own World View and Social Theories, then amass the training, education, resources, and tools needed to make our vision and World View a reality in that places we dwell.

We’ll never catch up to our oppressors while running on the track they constructed according to the rules and policies they wrote. So just stop playing their game and begin to adopt and follow our own rules to advance our own agenda.

Racism is not our problem and Integration was never a solution, to anything. We need Pan-African Liberation through Systematic Revolution.