The real question no one seems to be asking is, why aren’t you teaching at a college? Preferably and especially HBCU. Hotep.

Well, I’m academically qualified (I got degrees and certifications), but I’m not ideologically qualified.  In US academia and education ideological qualifications are more important than academic qualifications.

You can be Liberal but you can’t be Radical or Revolutionary, you can even be Afrocentric, as long as your Afrocentricity is confined within Capitalism and the larger Systems of White Domination.  If your Afrocentricty is about how you dress, digging up historical facts about our African History, and incorporating some African terms, concepts, and phraseology into your teachings and lifestyle; but if your Afrocentricty is about dismantling Systems of Oppression and asserting African Power and Governance over African lands and lives, then you are “unqualified” to teach, especially in HBCUs.

Even for our most celebrated Afrocentric scholars and professors, Afrocentricty is cosmetic; I’m just keeping it 100.  They ain’t tryna risk their seat and security within the Ivory Towers of academia.  Afrocentricty was supposed to be a challenge to White Hegemony, not just an academic pursuit, but a global agenda, a Revolutionary struggle; but that’s what its been reduced to; in the African-Centered grade schools up to the HBCUs, and Black Studies Departments across the US.  

I’ve had HBCU professors and administrators tell me this to my face, that I’m “too Radical” for their schools.

None of this will change until we put as much emphasis on building an African Centered Society and Economy as we put on securing an Afrocentric Education.  What good is an Afrocentric Education if you have to secure employment in a Eurocentric Economy after you graduate?  

It’s all good though.  I’m down for grassroots, communal education.  Also, many of my friends and allies who are teachers and professors carry my work into their class rooms just as I incorporate their research and writings into my own efforts.