Surveillance, Harassment, & Assassination is not Reserved for Black Radicals Only.

Some old White dude said that I was gonna end up dead if I kept up
with all this Revolution nonsense; suggesting that the cops or some
other government agency was gonna take me out.

So I decided to
review that alarming number of Black people who’ve been murdered by
state officials, by police, White vigilantes, or Racist White
Aggressors.  I also looked into the many recent cases of false
imprisonment of Black people, I reviewed the documents of the Innocence Project and other cases of Black people being exonerated after being convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

Guess what….I saw no evidence that any of them were Revolutionaries,
that they held any Radical views, I saw no evidence that they were
anything other than political African-Americans, who voted Democrat,
loved Jesus, and only sought the joys and opportunities that America was
willing to grant them.  

Well….that was the case for those
murdered Black people who were even old enough to have a political view,
or vote, or apply for a credit care; many of the victims were not only
non-Revolutionary, they were not even old enough to join any political
organization, they were not even old enough to vote; like Tamir Rice or Aiyana Jones.  

So, it looks like, since the 60s, the State has moved from political
assassinations to routine killing, mass incarceration, encirclement,
surveillance, and intimidation of the Black masses; all of us,
regardless of our political, religious, or social ideologies.

Shame; keeping yo hed down, obeyin’ de rules, and keepin’ far from dem
crazy Black Radicals may have worked back in the 50s and 60s; but the
“Good Ni99er” Tactic don’t work no more; sorry.  

You ain’t gotta
be Dr. King, Malcolm, or Fred Hampton to be watched by the state, all
of us are under corporate surveillance, they got documents on all of us.
 You ain’t gotta be a Communist or Socialist to be deem a threat, they
are treating all members of the poor and working-classes as active or
potential threats to the status quo.  You ain’t gotta be down for Black
Power, they are even repressing the Black Cowards in this era.

So, I don’t know what to tell yall, except, don’t blame us Black
Radicals for this shit, we been fighting for years to prevent this

If you Black you are “without sanctuary,” hell you can
be openly and aggressively serving the Empire and White Power, like
Obama or those Black cops that participated in the murder and cover up
of ‪#‎FreddieGray‬.  You will still be hated and hounded, they will still toss you to the wolves at the first opportunity.  

So, don’t worry about us “Uppity” and discontent Black folks, yall need
to worry about Black folks regardless of their political positions.