Is there a white celeb that is a feminist who’s not a disappointment?






Amber Rose. She’s done more for feminism than Emma Watson, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Taylor Swift, Amy Poehler combined. I love her. Unlike the above listed, she’s not doing it to win brownie points for looking like she’s socially aware, she wants to help.

Please watch the speech she gave during her slut walk. It made me so sad how she cried about the way Kanye and Wiz shamed her after they broke up even though she cared for them. She’s truly a gem. Protect her at all costs.


Amber Rose isn’t completely white though, she’s a mix breed, her mother is half black.

No. Amber does not identify as black and her mother was BORN in Cape Verde. She is Scottish and Portuguese, not ethnically black. There is a difference between ethnicity and nationality. A European person born in African is not ethnically African.


she doesn’t identify as white either. black is a race, not an ethnicity. just because she doesn’t identify as one doesn’t automatically make her the other. scottish =/= white. portuguese =/= white. cape verdean people are sub saharan african/ portuguese, not just portuguese.

How is Scottish not white? What is your definition of white?

Amber Rose is White, she is a Feminist, and she’s a Racist. All Feminism is White Feminism.