Mansa Musa was the greatest African ruler ever! Do you think we need more like him?!

Short Answer:
Fuck Mansa Musa, we don’t need rulers, statesmen, or even commoners like that muthafucka.

Long Answer:
Mansa Musa first off was a Muslim, how the hell can you be the greatest African ruler at any time, let alone ever, when you pray to a God imposed on your people by invaders, enslavers, and colonizers?   At the very fucking least, praying to an African God should be one of the qualifications for being the Greatest African Ruler Ever.  

If you think that’s too harsh, then show men an Arab, or Asian, or even European ruler held in high esteem by their people who bowed before an African God (and so help me, you better not say the Pope and the Black Madonna!).  Show me another people besides (too many) African people who are willing overlook that kinda shit.  If our Gods ain’t good enough for you, then you ain’t fitting into the ranks of the Greatest Ruler of Africans, fuck that.  

Also, this muthafucka used his wealth to further entrench Islam’s rule over Africa’s lands and the minds of Africa’s people; and look at the legacy today, look at Islam’s true impact on Africa, the full impact, and decide if that was a noble act or not.  

If there was an Arab Ruler who spread and entrenched Yoruba religion, or the worship of the Orisha, or who build thousands of shines to African Gods and Ancestors all over Arab lands he’s be deemed a traitor, not a hero, and no Arab would name him the greatest ruler of Islam/or Islamic Empires ever, it would never happen.

So why the fuck are we so damn open to Alien religions and gods, and so accepting of converts to those regions?  After all we’ve been though, you’d think we’d be the most hostile toward Alien Gods, but we still the most receptive. SMH. We got millions of Black Muslims, find me 20 Arab Akan Initiates!  Show me an African Shrine in an Islamic Nation.  

Everyone loves to point to Senegal when they talk about Islam in African, ignoring Mauritania (both of which were part of the Mali Empire Mansa ruled), where Africans are still, today, held in chattel slavery my Arab Muslims.  Many used to ignore Islamic atrocities in the Sudan, Nigeria, all over North African until the West began its War on Terror, and it become permissible to talk about Islam’s ongoing crimes in Africa.

Even in Senegal Africans are held in Chains by Arab/Muslim enslavers, and the Arabized Africans don’t do shit!  In Nigeria, the wealthy Muslims put up more money for refugees and crisis in Palestine and across the Middle East then they do for internally displaced refugees and other suffering Black populations in Africa!  

So, I will not call a ruler who facilitated the expansion and entrenchment of Islam in Africa, the greatest African ruler.

Finally, Mansa was well positioned (chronologically and geographically) to address both the Islamic/Arab colonization of Africa and head off the pending European invasion and conquest of Africa, but he was more interested in flossing, and his pet projects; so fuck him and his legacy.  

Finally, fuck Kings, Queens, and even Tribalism; they are obsolete and ineffective ways of governing and organization a people and their land, talents, and resources.  The era of Kings and Queens needs to be relegated to history, Africa and Africans (at home and a broad) need competent and accountable statesmen and stateswomen to govern our collective resources on our behave and in the interest of the people.

African Kingdoms and Queendom are apart of our rich history, but they need to remain just that: History.  We don’t need to reestablish the rule of Kings or Queens that’s not what is best of Africa and the African Diaspora.  

Also, all of our current and future leaders need to guarantee us that they hold the interest, agendas, and world view of Africans above all others, if they have more loyalty to an anti-African Religions or Ideology than to our people they should be rendered ineligible for leadership our our communities, organizations, and nations.  

I know people are going to assert that I’m being Islamophobic, but if your history and treatment of my people is so criminal that retelling that history, and current reality makes me Islamophobic, then you have a bigger problem with the facts and reality that I have with Islam.  I’m not Islamophobic, I’m African Centered, I support the Palestinians in their struggles, and I acknowledge the unjust and criminal wars being waged against the people of the Islamic world, but none of that means I can’t tell the historical and political truth about Islam in Africa. Islam’s persecution doesn’t not mean we must ignore Islam’s crimes.  

My father and older brothers are Muslims and they are finally coming to terms with this.  We need all Black Muslims to come to terms with this, you can have and worship any God you want, even the Gods of our oppressors and colonizers; but don’t expect the rest of us to be silent about the atrocities and ongoing injustices committed in your chosen God’s name and religion.  

But damn, I’m getting off topic, this ain’t about Islam, this is about an Arabized African, so allow me to give you my short response: Fuck Musa!

If you wanna know who’d I nominate as the Greatest African Ruler of All time, I’d put Queen Sarraounia at the top of that list, with Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines and King Zumbi of Palmares as runners up. (We’ve had great African rulers in Africa and in the African Diaspora, cuz we are a global people.)