What are your thoughts, on BF Skinner and behaviorism? What school of psychology, do you think is best for pan-Afrikanism?

Skinner, Behaviorism, and the “Technology of Control,” was central to defeating the Black Liberation Struggle in the 50s and 60s, and also preventing Black Revolutionist from reviving the Struggle and expanding it, once again, to the Black Working-Class and the Black Lumpen. 

It is a science all Revolutionist should have some working understanding of, and I think Skinner’s ‘Beyond Freedom and Dignity’ should be required reading for any organizer in the Black community. 

The mass imposition of Behaviorist ideas and practice has allowed the Oppressors to reduce the dependence on direct force and open cohesion, that’s why it’s so pervasive, but like all of these Oppressive tactics they are not absolute, and we have to identify and exploit the choke points in the methodology. 

I’m not expert in psychology, but the Revolutionist Psychologist I’ve read informed me that the best thing that can be don’t for most Black people who suffer from psychological issues is for the White psychologist to leave them the hell alone.  Under White Domination Psychopathology has been normalized, from Greed, to the drive to Dominate and Exploit others, all of which used to be understood to be madness, are not the foundational principles of society; so often when a Black person is considered mad, they are actually rejecting madness; just study Drapetomania, and go from there.

Black people have been pathologiezed by the White medical field, and Psychology is the worst offender of them all.

I have concluded that the best way to insure or to gain mental health for Black people is to adjust the conditions they come up in and the conditions in which they dwell.  I think mental illness is cultural for the most part, in fact scientist have confirmed this, that mental illness vary based on the cultural origination and developed of people. 

Fanon stated that mental health comes to the colonized man through the active resistance to his colonization, I’m with that.

As far as individual mental illness, I know it’s best to get treatment from within your own cultural context, from your own community.  As for the larger issue, I think we need to end the madness of White Domination, and that will curb much of the individual madness we see in our community.