So glad that you have consistently stated that Racism and Capitalism are two separate things. There are so many black folks out here that claim “the real color of the issue is green.” smh.

Yeah, fuck them Black folks who claim “the real color of the issue is green.”

The issue of oppression has never been about getting as much money as our Oppressors, within the Oppressors’ system!

The would be equivalent to asserting that owning as many slaves as the slave master was freedom for the enslaved; you just joining the system, not defeating or getting free from it.

Money is an invention, a tool, we can utilized this tool, just like any other tool, but our ultimate goal needs to be to render the economic system of our Oppressors obsolete, defunct, extinct; not just because it’s based on our oppression, but also because it’s Omnicidal, it’s killing every thing on this planet.

If you don’t mind, I’ll end this by quoting myself:

“The only thing worse than adopting the Religion of your Slave Master is adopting the Economic System of your Slave Master.” – Diallo Kenyatta

Also, the White Elites (and Dr. Amos Wilson) know money ain’t the real source of wealth; it’s no even the resources within a people’s lands (cuz the people who live in the riches lands are often the poorest), wealth is the Culture, and the ideas and protocols that a People adhere to and can perpetuate across generations; that’s the root of wealth and poverty.

These New Negros who pretend that the money is the be all and end all of life are just puppets of the Elites, the White Elites print, value, and even dispose of currency….money….fiat….cash: