…White Shit Don’t Stink?

Notice how all those ‪#‎NewNegros‬
who love to talk about Black-on-Black violence, about how Black people
don’t stick together, how irresponsible Blacks are with our money; are
virtually silent about Western Europe and its treatment of Greece?

Greece is literally the Cradle of Western Civilization.
 It’s where Whites went from cavemen to mankind.  Look how Whites are
literally treating their “motherland” their “cultural incubator,” like
shit; how they are rallying to rape the
land that gave birth to the very concept of Whiteness.  The land that
took African and Asian Culture and put it through a Western filter to
create Western Culture.

ain’t these critical ass New Negros talking about how “da White man
don’t respect his roots,” da White man is irresponsible with the global
economy,“ or how "White folks stab each other in the back and can’t seem
to hold their shit together?”

I ain’t seen one post of any New Negros talking about the “animals,” and “thugs,” rioting in Western Europe, not even one.

Even with all the worlds stolen wealth and resources European nations
can’t keep their economic shit in order; why ain’t the New Negros who
love to post pics of poor Blacks lined up for Jordans posting pictures
of Greeks lined up at empty ATMs and closed banks?

Why ain’t they
posting pics of and videos of White folks in Western Europe rioting,
and condemning them for expecting a “handout?”

Could it be that
the New Negros don’t really care about unity and fiscal responsibility,
could it be that they only have a critical eye for their own because
it’s driven by self hate.

Could it be because New Negros think White shit don’t stink?