Exemplary Negro Paradigm:

Since emancipation Whites have promoted the Exemplary Negro in our communities, Booker T. Washington was one of the first.

These ENs feed the false narrative of Opportunity, Inclusion, & Wealth for us all within the Systems & Institutions of our Oppressors: “I made it, so can you.”

They distort the cause/sources of our suffering while offering solutions that will not only drive us into deeper dysfunction, but further legitimize & reinforce the Systems of Oppression.

Those who oppose ENs are deemed anti-progress, unrealistic, or today just called Haters.

Jay-Z has been a Pied-Piper for Capitalism & Materialism for decades, & now that his message has “matured” he’s reaching even more gullible “woke” elements of the Black Masses who previously rejected his image & message.

(at South Side, Chicago)