Do you play the stock market?

No, but I follow it closely, because of it’s impact on the world’s ecosystems, and global politics.  I think everyone should study the market it is like a fucking crystal ball.

For example; when Obama said he was reforming “healthcare in America with the Affordable Care Act,” I started looking at pharmaceutical and publicly traded healthcare/insurance companies.  Not one of them experienced a dip in stock value; many of them had a bump in prices, so I know ObamaCare would be a giant fuck over before he even published the details of the Act.

So, whenever their is a political reform or policy initiative, it’s better to watch the market than it is to listen to politicians and bureaucrats.  This is a Fascist nation, therefore the market takes precedent over human lives and well-being.

Look at how the stock market is being destabilized by Bernie Sander’s rise in the polls and his potential wins in Iowa and New Hampshire.  The media will not marry the two, but it’s obvious that the Corporate Elites and the Investment Class is sending a message: “dump Bernie or we will collapse this bitch.”  The stock market will inform you better than any political speech about which politician will bring real reform or tow the line.  Wall Street loved Obama more than McCain or Romney.