Brother Diallo, is it possible to create technology that doesn’t pollute the environment?

Absolutely, for most of human evolution technology was ecological, biodegradable, natural, recyclable, non-disposable, etc.  We simply used what was available in our local ecosystems to fashion shelters, tools, instruments, and other tech. 

Hell, it wasn’t even until the first Industrial Revolution that pollution really became an issue for humanity, and that was in the mid-1800s.  

Humanity, or more accurate some human cultures did engage in habitat destruction, which is often connected to pollution, but not the same.  Primitive human societies with non-polluting technology can engage in deforestation,  over fishing, over hunting, over farming, and all kind of practices that we associate with modern technological societies.  

It is also possible operate modern society with minimal pollution and waste, but the problem is it’s not a profitable as the polluting and disposable technology; and under Capitalism maximum profit is the gospel.  Even it the better, less polluting technology is available if it’s not profitable, if it’s not the most profitable it will not be brought to market.  

Capitalism has proven it’s more than willing to enthusiastically destroy entire ecosystems and pollute the whole planet for a minor boost in quarterly profits. But then again, Western Culture is also ecocide so we have to look at the core culture that created Capitalism. 

We have to remove profit as the central motivation for all economic activity, we have to elevate ecology over economy, we have to destroy Western Hegemony; plus a whole bunch of other shit in order to once again make human technology, econoimics, and progress ecological and sustainable.

The Biomimicry and the Zeitgeist movements is also showing promise in helping to derail humanity from the Omnicidal path that Western Domination has put us all on.