Greetings, why is western media so obsessed with portraying Africa the way it does?

You’ll notice that all abusers work to portray their victims as being the cause of the abuse; wife beaters, rapist, pedophiles, and capitalist swear that their victims had it coming, that their own actions provoked their victimization. 

So, the Western Media promote African nations as “failed States,” that Africans are just incapable of self-governance, so they must engage in military and economic intervention to keep Africa from totally collapsing under it’s own corruption and incompetence.  They will always show Africans as beggars, as dependent, even though the Wealth and Industry of the West was built on and sustained on Africa’s labor and resources!

If this anti-African propaganda was not sustained it might be revealed that the so-called Developed Nations are the thieves, the murderers, the destabilizers, the thieves, and the warmongers.  It’s simple PR; were the invaders/colonizers paint themselves as the saviors.  They been doing this since the first White man reached the shores of Africa and stole the first piece of gold from African.

It our job to research, construct, and spread the reality of Africa, the African Diaspora, and White Aggression and Domination.  We have our own media now, we need to fund, support, and help to spread it.  

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