Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: It’s Bigger Than Black Lives & the Cops Yall!!!!

I wish the cops would just tell Black folks the damn truth.

Just imagine if the head of all local, county, state, and regional
policing forces simply admitted that it’s not their call to impose
brutal repression on Blacks, and they don’t have the authority to end

Do you know how much time
and energy that would save Black activist and Integrationist?  How much
money and resources too.  It would also pull the rug out from under 90%
of these incompetent and corrupt leaders who thrive off of our
community’s lack of analysis and research.  

Mass and clustered
Police Brutality only occurs when the real power structures demand or
allow it; and the real power structures really do need it in this time,
they have unleashed then police because they need a Militarized police force on deck when the ravages of Investment Capitalism and Global Warming finally hit the masses of America.

The elites are evil, but not stupid.  They know they can’t wait until
the crop failures, man-induced pandemics, massive infrastructure
failures, economic collapse, etc; hit the US to train the police in
martial law and mass suppression tactics!  They need to train them now,
and to field test the weapons of mass suppression, and they need to both
physically and psychologically train the cops for this “New World.”

Now, they don’t have the facilities to train the cops and secret, and
they know if they did try to train the cops in secret someone would
snitch on em. Obama has been working like hell to suppress Whistleblowers and he is failing, so the Elites needed a better way.

So, they just informed the cops, and civilians who wanna-be cops that
it was open-season on the Black community.  Naw, let me be more
accurate; it was not open-season, they simply changed the Rules of engagement, somewhat.  If the cops go overboard, or provoked too much backlash, like they did in BMore, they could be held to account.  

But the cops are being equipped and trained for the coming
catastrophes, and our communities are the training grounds….for now.  
The Whites who love to raise funds for these killer-cops are actually
the primary targets and threats as far as the White Elites are
concerned.  There are hundreds of well armed White Nationalist Militias
in the US, not one of em Black, they all White; and the Feds are keeping
tabs on all of em.  The Elites also know that the greatest potential
for violence and terrorism rest with the well-armed White Majority in
the US.

But, buy the time the White masses figure out that they are the next targets it will be too late, as usual.  

So, if you are against Police Brutality and Murder in the Hood, and
unless you are Clarence Thomas or Tommy Sotomayor; I’m pretty sure you
are; you need to commit some of your resources and efforts to the coming
ecological and economic storms.  You also need to work toward building
independent institutional power and infrastructure, or else you won’t
have any real sway with the police or any other government bureaucrats.

I keep telling yall that Blacks in the US are the canary in
the coal mine for the US political and economic system, what happens to
us will eventually happen to the White masses.  They still ain’t learned
this, but we should know by now. That’s why Good Whites do such a poor
job ass saving us, cuz they fail to realize that they need to save they
damn selves, not us.  

Even if you secure some policy reforms, have some homicidal cops locked up, get your PD to hire more Blacks, or create a Civilian Complaint Review Board,
unless you got a plan for dealing with Capitalism and Global Warming;
you can’t change the repressive nature of the State.  Sorry.  

It is, and always has been bigger than the cops.  You think when cops
were killing Panthers in the 60s it was cuz of their own personal
racism, or because the overall PDs were more racist then than they were
in the 40s, 50s, and 80s?  Naw, it was a nationally coordinated effort
overseen by COINTELPRO!
 COINTELPRO was part of an even bigger global repression agendas
operating in Latin America, Africa, and Asia!  We thought it was just
about dirty cops in the Hood back then too.  SMH.  

When you
see mass and concentrated abuses by the police, any your have the
corporate media fanning the flames of fear and insecurity among the
White majority, it’s because they are being organized and coordinated by
a much larger power and agenda!  So, just protesting and appealing to
the police and local politicians ain’t about to fix shit.

maybe I’m just paranoid, and it is a matter of individual cops,
individual police departments, and getting the right reforms in place to
fix this shit.