Our ‘protectors’ are our greatest threat.

We’d better realize this before it is too late.

The Local Police, Sheriffs, Social Services, Judges, the National Guard, the US Military, IRS agents, the DEA, all of the Nation Security Apparatus, etc.

When you study nations that oppress, slaughter, or commit any national wide injustice or atrocity against , it’s not the criminal elements that carry out such policies.

Street gangs don’t build concentration camps, or SuperMax prisons.
Thieves don’t sentence citizens to life without parole for non-violent offenses.
The people who have nuclear missiles pointed at every major city on the planet don’t wear sagging pants.
There are no street thugs who have the capacity to monitor the web activity of entire nations.
Gangster rappers don’t have the power to control the US media, and dictate what movies get made and which ones are never are seen by the masses, but the Pentagon does.
Street level drug dealers are not destroying and polluting the planet’s ecosystems, but the US military is the biggest polluter and fossil fuel user on the planet!

Gangs terrorize entire neighborhoods, and kill dozens; the police and military have the capacity to terrorize the engine planet and kill millions at the touch of a button.

In fact, the material and economic conditions that are imposed by the elite, and enforce by the police are the primary drivers of street level crime, the illegal drug market, and most human misery.

Communities, and citizens have the competence, desire, and right to police their own communities, and when allowed to do it much better than the police and military. If citizens are armed and empowered, they can defend the entire nation without a standing army, and that is actually how the nation was to be defended upon its founding. Standing Armies are not for national defense, they only exist for the purpose of conquest and imperial expansion.

Why do you think this systems works so hard to keep policing authority, law enforcement powers, and guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, but the criminals never seem to be short of guns?

Why do you think this government can wipe out progressive movements and organizations like the Black Panthers, or more recently the Occupy Movement; yet the government pretends to be powerless to stop the gangs, drugs, or reduce the homicide rates in Black and White rural communities?