What should African Americans do Culture wise? Recreate their own culture and make it international, or pick an African culture and run with it?

1. African Americans should fade into historical and cultural obscurity.  They should be dumped into the Ash Can of History.

You can’t truly be an African-American because America is anti-African, so they cancel each other out, so African-Americans are nothing culturally; they are a joke, they are dysfunctional, confused,… they are doomed.

Even though we Africans were born in the US, we have never been full citizens of the US, we have never enjoyed full protection or full benefits of citizenship.  Even though Africans in America have been the most loyal population, even though we’ve never once sought to subvert the integrity of this nation, even though we’ve continually shed our blood in service to this nation, America continues to attack and undermine us as a population.

African Americans are not truly citizens of the United States, we are Subjects of the American Empire, we are prisoners of war, we are a hounded and unwanted segment of the American society.

They only way for an African to be fully American is to commit treason against Africans across the world, if you don’t believe me ask Obama, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, or any of the loyal and patriotic African-Americas across this land.

Although we Africans in America are law abiding, and we navigate in the US as best we can, we also intelligent enough to never get too comfortable, we always seek out and act on opportunities for independent empowerment because we know America can flip on us like the Nazi Government flipped on Jewish citizens in Germany.  All it takes is one election cycle for us to lose all the damn gains we secured in decades of struggle. 

All it wold take is  one more major terrorist attack, or a full scale economic collapse, or some other trigger and America will intensify and openly do what it has been quietly and (not so) secretively doing to our people in this land for centuries; Mass Incarceration, Unrelenting Oppression, and Genocide. 

So, as Africans In America the first thing we must to is realize and articulate our unique historical, political, and cultural standing in this stolen and ravaged land called America (by it’s genocidal invaders).

2. Africans don’t have to pick any particular African Culture from the continent of Africa in order to be African, we are Africa…period.  No matter what we do, we are Africa, as we speak English, wear Western clothing, and dwell in lands outside of Africa, we are still very much African. 

We can’t be anything other than African because it was born in us.  When people ask me have I ever been to African, I often reply “I never left, Africa;” because Africa followed Africans to these shores and Africa is wherever Africans are.

There are many manifestations of Africa culture, from Dinka, to Fulani, to Wolof, to African Disporian.  The African Diaspora is as African as it’s roots, just as a leaf and a branch are as much a part of a tree as its trunk and its roots.  When people impose alien conditions on us, we automatically Africanize them; from their instruments to their languages, to their food and music.  If you don’t belive we still African, just attend any church survice in the hood, you’ll find Black people fully ignorant of Africa academically, they even embrace alien gods and dogmas, but when it’s time to worship, the African spills out of all of them Black folks.  Simply visit a White Protestant and a Black Protestant congregation and you’ll see that the Black Protestants have more in common with the traditional African worship practice than the White Protestants who imposed their alien gods on us. 

So African culture has many manifestations, the only universal aspect of African culture we need as a people all over the world is Revolutionary African Culture, we need to Revolutionize and Radicalize ourselves and our culture in their area above all else.