How much longer do you think the hegemony of western white racist supremacist culture and society will last? Also what are your thoughts on occultism, vodun and the like?

If Global White Domination (GWD) is allowed to play out without any successful subversion, I give it less than 50 years, which is generous, many social scientist and economist are asserting that it has less than 25 years before total collapse.

I recommend reading Chalmers Johnson and his series of text on the American Empire, not that he’s the best on the issue, but he was an insider, a White male Conservative, and by the time you got guys like him saying Games Over, than that gives even more validity to the Left and the Radical elements who’ve drawn the same conclusions; at least it gives validity for those who still believe that the empire is legitimate and has any real future.

Don’t start to celebrate the demise of GWD just yet, however. 

If we look at the trajectory of the demise of GWD we will see that it’s on course to take the very ecosystems of the planet down with it.  It is very possible that if this system is allowed to run its course, the planet it leaves behind will not be able to support complex ecological systems or advanced life forms, like mammals and reptiles (and I include humans in the mammal box). 

So we can not rest on the fact that this System is inherently terminal.  This sick System has the capacity and technology to utterly make the world incapable of supporting life, and those who control this system have proven time and time again that they are willing kill anything and everything  to preserver their power, and for short term profits.

So the better question, I think, is: “How much longer before enough of us wake up to accelerate the demise of GWD and all of its Systems and Institutions?"  The answer to that question will determine if humanity and most other lifeforms will go extinct or not.a  I say we have less than a decade from now.

Vodun is a legitimate system of culture and social relationships, at its core, but like all Systems in this current World Order it is often corrupted and manipulated and used for control instead of liberation, to divide instead of unite.

It’s interesting that you should ask me about occultism, I’ve been researching it over the last several months.  Occultism and the cults that push it is prevalent in the Black community, and I don’t think we address it enough.  We are besieged by Cults, and Cults of Personality. 

People who have little to no real world agency/power tend to be vulnerable to occultism, cults, and ideologies that promise them supernatural solutions and freedom that is denied them in the real world. 

I won’t get into the issue since this response is getting long as it is, but cults need to be exposed, even those that promise us Liberation and Empowerment. 

Thanks for those questions.