Black Liberation Matters.

are many Black Protesters, Activist, and Demonstrators who view justice
as being fully integrated into the culture and economy of the US.  They
seek to be Americans, and they want all of the “benifits and
privileges” that such a title affords them.

They wish to be able to dwell within the US with full citizenship rights, and the opportunity to earn all the Fiat currency that their skills and hard work will afford them.

They want nothing more than to be treated as well or as worse as White
people in the US, they want nothing more than Whites and will accept
nothing less.

These Black people will not only never secure justice or assimilation, they are unworthy of them.

The US is a fundamentally unjust, predatory, and Omnicidal nation.  All
of the luxuries afforded to the Citizens and Subjects of the US are
secured on stolen land and are based in the past and present
hyper-exploitation of other people and the planet’s ecosystems.  

Another point that is often over looked is that the wealth and identity
of the US, it’s elites and its White citizens is rooted in Black
exploitation and degradation, so no matter how hard you ProTEST,
DEMOstrate, or how sincere in your ACTivism you are, you will still be
little more than a subhuman and inferior creature in the eyes of those
you seek to prove your humanity and worthiness to.  Sorry, but 300+
years of history prove this, I’m just articulating what should already
be understood.  You can look at the many instances of degrading
treatment Obama and his family have endured even though he has reached
the top of the heap in the Western World, or look at the rich Black
Celebrities who are treated like scum by the media and authorities after
showing decades of loyalty to the Systems and Institutions of White

Also, to seek full equality or integration in the
US is to work to become an exploiter, an oppressor, an accomplice to
Omnicide; and such people are not worthy of justice.

So, if you
are still in the fight for equality, integration, and to be accepted as
an American, then you ain’t about justice, you are about joining and
benefiting from injustice….so fuck you and your activism.


The time for TESTing, ACTing, and DEMOs is over, it’s Nation Time.

We need to organize to subvert Systems and Institutions of Oppression,
not to reform them or join them, or have them directed away from us and
towards some other vulnerable population.  

If we rejection
Revolution yet again, if we allow the Revolutionary element of the Black
community to be ignored, isolated, and destroyed again, if we repeat
the same mistakes we made in the 1920s and the 1960s; and chose Liberal
Integrationism over Pan-African Revolution, I don’t think we’ll get
another chance  to mobilize as a People, not on a national scale.  This #BlackLivesMatters
and associated movements may be our final chance at securing
Liberation, and we are already repeating the mistakes of the past and
rejection more viable strategies and agendas.