I, despite all my study, all of my interactions, traveling, giving and listening to lectures, contemplation, and observations, and organizing; I cannot understand why so many people passively live, and raise/train their own children to live in a system/economy that views them as a commodity. A system that openly calls them Human Resources and uses them up and disguise them. A system that is destroying the very life sustaining capacity of the planet.

I’m no expert but over the years I’ve read every book on propaganda, mass psychology, and behaviorism I could get my hands on. I’ve taken time to listen to people from all over the ideological spectrum, and I still can’t put my finger on this drive, that doesn’t explain why it is so successful, why a system that benefits so few has the support of so many.

Sometimes I dismiss people as stupid, or even deserving of the oppression and exploitation; but that’s out of pure frustration. Other times I take the liberal view that is sympathetic to the African Condition and accept that it may take centuries to rebuild a people who have been oppressed and degraded for centuries. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to do this, the planet doesn’t have the time.

I have to say, I’ve been working within my comfort zone and I have to move beyond that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been struggling my ass off, all of my material and intellectual resources have gone to this work of Pan-African Liberation and Unification, of Liberating the entire biosphere from this Omnicidal system that I, my parents, my grandparents, and their grandparents were born into. But, I’m not making the needed progress. I’m not in this to have a successful organization, or to help relieve the pain and stress of our people who’ve fallen through the cracks; those are essential elements of the movement, but we ultimately need to change the fundamental social and power relations of this globe. If I continue at this rate I will be wasting my life’s energies, and burdening my family for nothing. I’m in this to win, not to make a point, or speak truth to power; I’m in this to rip power from the oppressors and disperse it to the People.

This is not a Utopian Dream, but a necessity for the survival of life on earth. The power and wealth needs to be de-concentrated and spread or the imbalances that capitalism, and the systems of Global White Domination have created will (literally) topple the planet, it is already causing multitudes of systems to collapse; from the Tropical Rain Forrest, to the Arctic Tundra ecosystem, they are in full collapse!

My first step to moving beyond my comfort zone is to plead for help; which I’m never comfortable doing.

HELP! Please Help, please join us, we absolutely need you and can’t even come close to our goals without YOU.

I have some wonderful people who currently working with, and I’m building a working relationship with; but we are way too few and spread too thin. I/We need your help People, please help me/us.

If you have one hour a month, or 24hr/day; we can come together to maximize your time an input into the struggle. If you are already a member of an organization or you have a cause you have dedicated your time and talents to, then we need to coordinate and consolidate; we need to be bigger and strong, our takes and our enemies demand it.

Our plan is simple, (currently) legal and above board, you are not asking you to risk anything, only to contribute and build; we have formations dealing with everything from cooperative enterprise development, to local organic food production, to youth development, to media production, to cultural healing and refinement; and we are open to new project and formation in areas we lack, I just had a conversation with a brother about reintegrating Brother and Sister who’ve been convicted of a Felony back into the community, and helping them avoid retuning to the system or doing harm to our community.

I thank all of you who have reached out to me, and I will be calling you in the next few days to continue our effort to connect and expand our works. There are some who’ve reached out and I’ve dropped the ball, please send me another message and I will call/text/email you to begin our work together.

Thanks to everyone who’s make contributions to our efforts, and those who continue to do so.