What are your thoughts on christmas, new years, and holidays in general?

I never fucked with Christian/American whole-lie-daze since the age of 15. They are a waste of money.

Since having kids and moving to Chicago I’ve been going to my family gatherings cuz the children get a kick outta it and my wife insist.  I can’t front, the time with family is great, but I still don’t give a fuck about the whole-lie-daze.  I don’t buy gifts, but relatives buy me gifts and I accept and appreciate them.  That’s the struggle for us Conscious folks, do we allow our consciousness to alienate us from our relatives and their “traditions,” or do we compromise.  It’s a hard balance to strike.  I’ve decided not to spend any money on the festivities, not to invest time, but when the family comes together, I’m there.  It’s the best I been able to come up with.

Oh, and I guess I should admit, I buy and light bottle rockets on the 4th of July. My son was 10 and he’d never played with fire works, never set off bottle rockets. So we went to the fireworks stand on the 4th and bought some shit and lit that shit and they loved it.  So, I’m guilty of selling-out. *shoulder shrug*  I only buy on the day of the 4th when they discount that shit to 50-70% and I have a $10 dollar spending limit.  So sue me, but I have to sons who love to blow shit up and that’s the only time we can do it without the pigs fucking with us.  We call it Bottle Rocket Day, not the 4th of July; am I on a slippery slope? Perhaps, time will tell. LOL!

Oh, and I forgot, we hold a 100% Vegan Children’s Halloween party!  How did I forget about that, we’ve been doing it for like 2 years now.  SMH.  I’m such a fucking sell-out.  We have Vegan cupcakes, candy, and Vegan coco, and all kinds of other shit.  We even made Vegan smores in the fire place. 

But that’s it, for now. LOL!