What are your general thoughts of the Jews returning to Their homeland? Is the formation of Israel fulfill Bible prophecy? Why are Palestinians so angry that they now have to share the land with its rightful owners?

There is no such thing as a Jewish homeland…., or a Christian homeland, or Islamic homeland.  There’s no legitimate Religions claim to any land. 

Biblical prophecy is fiction, just like Koranic prophecy, and all religious prophecy.  So, no Israel is not a fulfillment of any prophecy. 

Also, even if you delusional enough to believe in Gods and prophecies, the founding of the nation of Israel is still in contradiction of Jewish prophecy which states that God will establish the State, not Christian imperialist bureaucrats.

And while we are on the topic, all that shit about Jews in the bible has no historical reports, there’s no evidence that Father Abraham ever existed, that Jews were enslaved in Egypt, them plagues, or the parting of the sea, or the decades in the wilderness, all that stuff is fiction, folklore, mythology, and fantasy. 

Oh, and one last point on that prophecy bullshit: the father of Zionism was an atheist named Theodor Hezl, he founded the World Zionist Organization, and in his writings he never said shit about prophecies, he acknowledged that Zionism was all about politics, resources, land, and power.  So only the biggest fools fall back on the prophecy justification for the Zionist State. 

The Palestinians peacefully coexisted with Christians and Jews in Palestine for centuries, up until their land was invaded and colonized by Zionist in the late 1940s.  Then the Zionist just like all European colonial settlers embarked on a campaign of terror, displacement, militarization, and genocide.  No different than the Christian colonist in the Americas, in Australia, and South Africa.  The Palestinians are no different than Native Americans, Aboriginal People, South Africans, Inuits, etc.  They struggle against genocide as the struggle to retake their native lands. 

You have obviously drank every ounce of the Western Imperialist Kool-Aid, and I can’t overcome a lifetime of indoctrination in one blog post; so just label me  Antisemitic and move on.

I’m not Antisemitic though, it’s is absurd to hate someone for their Religions delusions as it is to have Religious delusions. I am an Anti-Theist however, I stand in principled opposition to all oppressive, sexist, war mongering, evangelizing, imperialist Religions, esp. those that have a history of Racism and Colonization; like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  I don’t hate the believers, but I oppose the Religious institutions and their institutional power (over the masses). 

But I’m sure that’s all too complex for you to digest, but it was worth a try.