Atrocities Are Essential to the System…

Why do we protest atrocities while ignoring just how crucial such atrocities are to the maintenance of this System we all depend on, even as subjects, captives, or second class citizens of this System?

Even though our dependence is imposed and we never volunteered, nor was any other option ever made available to us, we are still dependent on this system, and this system is dependent on ongoing, and relentless atrocities.

Ecological Atrocities
International Atrocities
Local Atrocities
Hidden Atrocities
Public Atrocities

Professor William Mackey stated that “if the US government ever fully applied the word and intent of the US Constitution its economy and institutions would collapse within 24 hours.” He went on to say that “if this society fully adhered to the Biblical principles and teachings it would collapse in even less time.” (Paraphrase.)

So I question the sincerity or sanity of anyone who professes to oppose the atrocities of the State, of the police yet they don’t oppose the economic system, and all other institutions of the State.

When I realized this, I went from an activist to being a revolutionist, I went from seeking reform to organizing for liberation.

The best thing we can do for the youth who are mobilizing today; who are starting to fight for the same shit we fought for and won in both the 1960s and the 1860s, is to at least give them the truth about why we keep having to fight for the same shit, shedding new blood for old agendas (that didn’t work then, and will not work now).

Sorry for this Broken Record Posting, but I just got back from yet another gathering of concerned Black folks who are expending their wondrous talents, time, and intelligence on the Hamster Wheel of Black Integration and Institutional Reforms, so I think the message is worthy of being repeated yet again.