What are your thoughts on African Americans who practice xenophobia towards foreign Blacks?

African-Americans don’t practice Xenophobia, they are not in a position to practice it; to be a Xenophobe you must first have your own State, which African-Americans do not, they are not integrated, or full citizens of the US.  So, when you find an African-American saying “our country” in reference to America, just know, that’s an ignorant and insane muthafucka; not a Xenophobe.

Xenophobia is also hatred or fear of the “other,” foreign Blacks are not the “other” as it relates to African-Americans.  Black people have common status across the globe, because the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, and Anti-Blackism has saturated every corner of the world.  So, even though we call shit colonization elsewhere and slavery here, or we call shit Segregation here, or Apartheid elsewhere, or we call shit Gentrification here, and Ethnic Cleansing elsewhere; the experiences of Black people are common across the globe.  So, there is no “other” amongst Black people, there is no Black population, no Black nation that’s been exempted from Racism and White Domination, even if we enjoy varying levels of mobility and affluence. 

So, the hostility you see expressed by African-Americans against “foreign Blacks,” is actually Self-Hatred, and Self-Rejection; which are different than Xenophobia.

You will find that these African-Americans who express hostility or rejection of foreign Blacks have very little good to say about other Blacks who were also born in the United States; they hate all manifestations of Blackness, not just foreign Blackness.

Their hatred or hostility of foreign Blacks, and Blacks in general is rooted in their hatred of themselves, their hatred of the reflection they see in the mirror.
They hate themselves because they don’t know themselves, they don’t know their history, they don’t know anything beyond the Indoctrination and anti-African Propaganda that Whites have fed them since they were born.

I’m not saying this to generate sympathy for these Self-Hating and Self-Rejection African-Americans (aka: New Negros), I think the Black community is too tolerant of these treasonous muthafuckas, they need to be Exposed, Isolated, and Expelled from the community. 

When you find conscious Africans born in the United States you will see the kinship, the love, and the loyalty that Africans-in-America have for our Brothers and Sisters across the globe.  Black people like us are not allowed on the corporate media, we are not on the radio, we are not hired by the government or corporations to represent our people, so it is understandable why people would think that the African-American New Negro ideology is the predominant view of Black people, but it’s not, it’s just the most promoted by our Oppressors and their media.

Wherever I’ve gon in the US from the West Coast to the East Coast and most places in between I’ve found Black communities that embrace their African Heritage, and their kinship with Africans across the globe. “

Wherever you are, I’m sure there is a Pan-African, Conscious, or Cultural community of Black people, you sometimes have to seek them out because they are not promoted in the media, but if you begin to attend cultural events like African Arts Festivals, or Kwanzaa, etc, you will find them and you will find an extended family to build with.