Hell, what can I even say.

These New Negros ignore the that fact that Donald Sterling has a long history of discriminating against Blacks in both his massive property holdings and in his NBA franchise, he’s been sued repeatedly in racial discrimination cases long before he was outed by that woman.

But these New Negros pretend like he’s a victim of privacy invasion and unfair persecution. SMH.

Even if Donald was such a victim (which he isn’t, but even if he was), what any Black person got doing giving a Flying Fuck about his muthafuckin ass?

These New Negros have the World Stage and a Global Megaphone, and they talk Donald Sterling, not the Congo, not Mass Incarceration, not the economic warfare being waged against the Working-Class, not the Genocide the White Elite are carrying out against POCs all over the world…these Minstrels talk Donald Sterling.

Please keep your loot in your pockets when it comes to these Minstrels, watch the bootlegs, or at least wait until their movies hit Netflixs or the $5 bin at Wally-World. Starve these fools as best you can.

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