Black Mass Exodus from Slave, Colonial,  Alien Religions.

We can’t get free in the physical world if we refuse to give up our subjugation in the realm of imagination and belief.  

Our thoughts (or lack thereof) are what we use to define our place in
the world, to construct our world; if we adhere to the religions,
dogmas, and myths of our oppressors we will forever be their slaves,
even after they remove the chains.  

Until there is a mass Exodus from all Slave, Colonial, and Alien Religions by Africans, there will be no mass total Liberation of Africa, or full empowerment of Africans across the globe…I suspect.

I ain’t saying we wait on this mass Exodus, but we should make it part of the overall Pan-African Agenda.

Just imagine if masses of Europeans started to worship the ORISHAS,
or if Arabs and Asian Muslims begin to follow the Mtu Ntr; those
people’s leaders would declare a world-wide State of Emergency.  They
would study the reasons why their people are rejection their Gods and
embracing Alien Gods, they would enact all policies and methods to stop
and revers this.  But Black leaders tell us to respect Alien Gods, to
embrace Alien Gods.

We are the only people on the planet
comfortable with the mass rejection of our own Religions and Spiritual
Systems and the mass embrace of Alien Gods by our people, no other Race
would tolerate this, no Race that’s interested in remaining free and
sovereign would.

Even the conscious argue that we should show
respect and acceptance for Alien Gods, and Religions, even though no
nation outside of Africa has made an open space for African Gods and
Religions.  We had to bury our Gods [see: Santería
and Vodun], but all Religions are embraced and openly practiced in
Africa, even Religions that gave divine sanction to Slavery and
Colonization!!! That’s an outrage.

The Chinese were colonized by
Christians, so when they find a church in their lands, they bulldoze the
fucking church; just imagine if Africans did that with Masque and

I know most will say, that’s preposterous, it can’t be
done, as if Jesus and Allah were real and gives power to our oppressors.

African Divinity is still barred across the world:

Go erect an African Shrine in an Islamic Nation and see what the fuck
happens.  Bring your African Fetishes to work and see how fast your ass
is fired.  We respect people’s bullshit but don’t demand that they
accept our divinity.  

We can’t even say; “until our divinity
gets universal acceptance, we will reject the divinity and religions of
all others,” we can’t to that much, at least?

I’m done respecting delusions.  I can’t.