Comrade Diallo, Why are white folk so psychopathic? Seriously what is wrong with these people? I can’t understand this shit. There’s levels to how deranged these whites are. These folk past and present create volumes of material showing each and every time they engage in violent mindless acts how they enjoy that shit yet seriously claim that Blacks are responsible for all social ills, are genetically inferior and have low iq? Are these people really this crazy and dumb or are they pretending?

Short Answer:
I don’t fucking know, I wish I did, but it baffles me too.

Lone Answer:

There are several White Scholars, Psychologist, Anthropologist, Scientist, and Philosophers that offer insight in to this issue of Intrinsic White Psychopathology and Hyper-Aggression that has brought Racism, Global White Domination, Ecocide, and Omnicie to the world’s inhabitants and ecosystems, but they know better than we do how dangerous it can be to penetrate this issue.  At best it’s career and professional suicide, at worst, it’s literal suicide to bring this issue to surface. Whites ranging from Sigmund Freud, to Thom Hartmann, to Derrick Jensen have all touched on this issue, but they were wise enough to dilute it and not take it head on in their writings. The anthropologist Michael Bradely took it head on and has worked in relative obscurity every since his ‘Iceman’s Inheritance’ was published. 

It’s taboo to study White folks cuz they are perfection, they are the model for humanity, the standard for what is correct and civilized; at least that’s what they have imposed on humanity, and they will Bomb you to the Stone-age if you disagree with them. 

There have been better know African Scholars who also addressed this issue, and they’d been dismissed.  It’s easier to simply dismiss Black research into White Psychopathology than it is to dismiss White (men’s) research and analysis; but Dr. Bobby E. Wright was called before an academic panel and almost lost his job and credentials for presenting his analysis on the Psychopathic Racial Personality & it the resulting Mentacide of Africans. 

Now, there are 2 dominate schools of thought on this issue: 
1. The Climate/Evolution Theory
2. The Genetic Annihilation Theory. 

(Note: These might not be the most dominate schools of thought, but they are the two most familiar to me, so let me not be so arrogant. LOL!)

The Evolutionary is that Whites are the only Race that evolved in a frigid or arctic climate (other arctic Races evolved in more Mediterranean, Sub-Tropical or Tropical climates and later migrated to the arctic; like the Inuits).  Being trapped in such a land for so long not only altered the White phenotype but their fundamental psychology and outlook (their Asili, as Dr. Marimba Ani would call it).  Driving them to perpetual war and conquest, of each other, of other Races, of nature and life it’s self; Jensen called this the Western Death Urge.

The Genetic Annihilation view argues that conscious and subconscious the White Races knows that it’s a Global Minority and that they cannot reproduce themselves with other Races, so if the Races are allowed to coexist as equals the White Race will be Genetically Annihilated within a few Generations, being absorbed by what ever non-White Race and Racial Phenotype they are closet too.  So, it’s argued that White behave the way they do to sustain inequality and domination between the Race to limit our spread and reproductive capacity, thus ensuring that there will always be White people, a White Race and Phenotype on their earth, and if they are to be absorbed by other Races they will destroy the earthy rather than have the “lesser-Races” take it over; some ole “if I can’t have it no one can-” type of mentality.

My conclusion is that both of these, and others have their song points and weaknesses, but I’m more focused on destroying their capacity for Genocidal and Racist Aggression than I am on pinpointing it’s origins.  After earth’s people and ecosystems are safe and secured we’ll have all this time in the world to figure out the true origins of the Plague of Whiteness and Western Culture. 

I’m working on a recommended reading list for my website; it’ will be up in a week or so, I’ll include a list of text and authors that deal with this subject. : #BroDiallo : #AWO