Pan-Africanism: A Lack of Solutions is Not Our Problem.

The Solutions for our people are pretty clear, the Solutions to Black Problems have been around since Nat Turner and Marcus Garvey. The real challenge is rallying Black people around the solutions, and keeping the motivated and organized for the long run.

I’m not sure if the desire for freedom, and the courage to endure even when our oppressors begins their counter attacks, has been bred out or beat out of the Black populations, but it is sorely lacking.

The oppressor has learned to not only disguise his means and methods of oppression, he has also manage to deflect the blame for oppression off of himself and onto his victims. White oppression is as advanced as all other technologies and weapons at their disposal, we see and accept the advanced technologies and pretend that the oppression has (for the most part) ended. We have highly educated and well paid idiots like Bill Cosby who help to further disguise the more advance oppression by heaping the blame for oppression on the oppressed.

So being faced with a community of people who not only lack the ability to recognize what true freedom is, who have had the innate desire (that all other races still poses) to be sovereign, and who fail to even see the source of their oppression (or the fact that they are subject to oppression) it becomes next to impossible to gather the number of people and the resources to address our oppression.

We don’t lack leadership, we have more than enough resources within our communities, and we have all the evidence and justification we need to act to Liberate and Secure ourselves; but we can’t get past our collective malaise and inertia because we’ve failed to advance our methods of analysis to meet or surpass the advanced methods of oppression. Therefore we allocate our resources, we claim that we “can’t blame the White man for our problems,” and we ignore our leaders while they toil in poverty and obscurity.

Too many people think we are past oppression, so now most Blacks individually pursue their American Dreams, but the reality is we are under more insidious oppression which requires us to be more collective and radical than ever.

We will not benefit from the many solutions that our ancestors and current scholars have put forth until we are able to make our people aware of the current oppression and show there that there are some viable alternatives.

The only way to bring this awareness to the larger community is for the fraction of Africans who are currently aware to unite (no matter how small in number we are), we must collectivize and intensify our works, and show the community physical and expanding evidence of the viability of Pan-Africanism.

But that too is almost an impossibility because the so-called conscious community is saturated with pretenders, and many others are too comfortable in the little Fiefdoms they’ve erected to truly unite and coordinate on the scale needed for true and fundamental transformation.

So, that’s what we face as African who seek to liberate ourselves.
Aluta Continua.