On Good Cops, Reforms, and Activism…

Good cops will not change institutions or nature of policing in this
society any more than electing a Black president changed the nature of
governance and imperialism of the United States.  That’s not how
institutions work nor how they are changed.  

We can’t reform our way out of this, just look at Civilian Complaint Review Boards
when they are established, they eventually begin to cooperate and
protect officers, not citizens or “civilians.” The same will happen when
Police body cameras are the norm, they will be used against citizens and to support police.  

The only way to change the police, or any institutions of a government
is by taking the reigns of power completely, or toppling the power

Since none of the Civil Rights, Anti-Brutality, and
Integreationist organizations reject taking power or toppling power,
they are really a waste of our energies and efforts.  If you don’t
believe me, just look at the platform of the Civil Rights Movement in
the 1960’s, they were literally fighting to secure rights granted to us
in the 1860s!  Every single right the Integrationist has us marching and
dying for we had on paper 100 years prior!  

Today, we are
fighting to the recognition and enforcement of concessions we won in the
1960s, which only granted us rights we were given in the 1860s!  
Recognize and break the damn cycle. 

‪#‎WeNeedRevolution‬ …. ‪#‎WhyArentYouRebelling‬?