How do I tell a relative that works for the Obama administration that I am not interested in visiting the White House. How do I tell her that I’m proud of her for achieving her goals but that having a black man as president of these United States isn’t a sign of progress? And that Obama isn’t any different than Bush and those that came before him that serves the white elite interest?

It really depends on the nature of your relationship with this relative.

All relatives ain’t family, and all family ain’t relatives.

If this relative and you have a real and valued relationship then you can keep it real with them.  I have family who hold views much different them I, those who are PoPo, who are ministers or religious, and we lovingly and respectfully discuss and debate our issues, and after it’s all said and done, we still family.

But some relatives value this System and their standing within this system more than they value the lives and well-being of Black people, their own relatives.  Them kinda relatives are the kind that will turn a Black freedom fighter in, snitch on a slave rebellion plot, and all kinds of other shit, all of us have these kinda relatives.

So, what kinda relative you dealing with Anonymous?

If that relative is family then just say; “you know damn well not to be inviting me to no White House, you know I don’t get down like that, but the next time you in town let’s catch up.” 

If that relative is just a relative; a New Negro relative, then say; “wow, thank you for the honor, but I can’t accept, I’m so busy, but I pray that you extend to great honor to someone who’s as or more deserving than I.  God bless you and take care.”  That way they won’t be tempted to point any prying government eyes in your direction.

#BeStrategic, always, and in all things.