Welcome to World War 5.

There have been more than two World Wars.  World War One was not the first World War either.  

I would have to say that the Age of Exploration was the setting of the first true World War, when Europe attacked, invaded, colonized, and plundered the so-called New World.  

So, World War Two was actually World War Three, World War Four was the Decolonization Wars and the Cold War were the White nuclear powered nations fought their Proxy wars in African, Latin America, and Asia; but not on their mainlands.  

We are in the mist of World War Five, but we call it the War on Terror.  The US and it’s NATO and Zionist allies are waging war all over the
globe in order to secure the remaining fossil fuel resources and prevent
the rise of any economic challengers to Western economic Hegemony.

The only reason popular history recognizes Two World Wars is because
those are the conflicts where White folks did the bulk of the dying and
White nations were getting the brunt of the bombings and gassing.

When non-White people do the bulk of the dying, and non-white Nations
have the bulk of the bombs being dropped on them, it dosen’t qualify as a
World War, or even a major historical War, because Black Lives don’t
Matter in a Geopolitical context, not nearly as much as White Lives.

If we were honest, and not controlled by Systems and Institutions of White Domination, we wouldn’t be calling World War I or World War II
“World Wars,” we’d call the European Tribal Wars, because they didn’t
involve the “world,” not even 50% of the world’s almost 200 nations.

We have all these non-White Historians who refuse to correct this
Racist view of world history and devaluation of non-White lives.  

We should do more than simply try to reveal long neglected Black
History, we need to bring White History into the proper global context.