The Talk…

I’m so sick of hearing about “the talk” Negros claim they are giving their children about police. So sick.

Talk to Black youth about the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Capitalism. Make sure they understand the methods, motivations, and aims of those Systems better than our oppressors do.

Talk to them about how every element of this system is predatory and Racist, and that the cops are just the frontline Status Quo enforcers. Tell them how government bureaucrats, policy makers, teachers, the food industry, multinational corporations, and even medical professionals do more harm and destruction to our bodies and communities than the local PDs.

Tell Black youth how you are organizing to dismantle all Systems of oppression and defeat all individuals who seek to exploit or harm them, and tell them that you will educate, equip, train, and fully support them to do the same.

If you are telling Black youth to expect oppression and how best to endure oppression, you are worse than these cops because you are betraying your responsibilities and obligation to Black youth and future generations!

But if you in submission mode, that’s all you can advise your children to do; so get organized, educated, and engage!