Will other non black groups like mexicans,arabs,filipinos,chinese etc… ( I mean only those who live in western nations and are assimilated in western culture ) who work for white corporations be our opposition as well especially the moment we begin to organize for fundamental economic and social tranformations ?

That’s a really good question.

The Systems and Institutions of White Domination create what I call ‘compounding exploitation,’ which means that everyone has to cannibalize everyone else in order to sustain themselves in this System. 

The gas man gotta cut yo gas off to keep the electricity on at his house, the electricity man gotta cut yo lights off to keep his kids in clothing, the clothing retailer gotta over charge you to pay the rent, the landlord gotta….etc.

Everyone has to eat everyone else or go under.

The same goes other non-White Races conscripted into the system.  Blacks were armed to fight the Native Americans, the Native Americans were paid bounties to capture runaway enslaved Blacks.  Blacks were armed to fight Filipinos, Filipinos set up stores to take advantage of Blacks economically.  Mexican gangs drive out Blacks from the communities on the West Coast, Blacks join White in complaining about immigrants taking their jobs.  It has gone on like this since the Systems and Institutions of White Domination were in their infancy.

We know there is a history of non-White global interaction and exchange that was not rooted in to-the-death economic copotiotoin and hyper-exploitation; so we can speculate that once White Domination is over and done with, we can all return to more civil and humane relations between the nations and the diverse cultures and Races across the globe.

I do suspect that some cultures and Races may be too for gone, too indoctrinated, too accustom to functioning according to this current paradigm to change, they may seek to replace the White Race at the helm of the Global Dominance, the Chinese seem to be racing to take the crown instead of simply dethroning the White Elites. 

If that’s the case, then the struggle continues.  I don’t want a White, Asian, or African Dominated world, and will resist any form of Global Domination and exploitation. 

As with the African Race, all other Races have their sell-out, traitors, compromisers, integrationist, and cowards; and they have their freedom fighters and justice seekers.  We can form strategic alliances with the freedom fighters and allow them to deal with their sell-outs, and we struggle to deal with our own.