You’re so clever and original–NOT! Any problem there is, just blame Whitey! Any personal failures, don’t look in the mirror; blame Whitey. When a white kills a black, inflame passions by saying all whites are out to kill all blacks. When a black does something wrong, point out how 98% of blacks are good and law abiding. Ignore the 2 percent bad apples. Whitey has done a lot of good for your people, yet you only focus on the negative. It sucks being a minority in any country.

Well now, ain’t the the White porcelain toilet bowl calling the kettle Black.

YOu accuse me of being unoriginal, then turn and say the most basic, over repeated White racist shit ever.  SMH. 

Got back to the drawling board Anon and come up with some better material, your Racist Trolling Game is like at a level 3 right now, get up to a least 6, then get back to me.