You know that even if “black revolution” or “black justice” produced that people will remain people and thus there will still be a lot of bullshit. Have you black net bloggers oops I mean “revolutionaries” studied the human history on this planet? Indigenous people were violent as fuck. African tribes European tribes etc all very violent. You net activists are chasing a fantasy.

Your ass talking about “Human History,” I bet you have never read a book written by a Native or Black historian.  I bet you can’t even name a Black or Native historian, I bet your ass would be hard pressed to name a White historian, or list 3 books of history you’ve read. 

Don’t come talking to me about history you W.R.I.T.

Also, my rule is; you can’t criticize “bloggers” or “net activist,” if your ass is all up on blogs and the net talking shit too. Dumbass.  They only way such criticims would carry weight is if you issued them off of the web, face to face, in the streets; but you know damn well you ain’t about to talk the kinda shit face-to-face that you talk ‘Anonymously’ online; cuz you are a coward like all other White Racist Internet Trolls.

I’m not about to discuss Black or Native American history with your dumb ass, or explin how no one who’s opposing Omnicidal Global White Domination is suggesting that the world that comes after it will be a utopia free of violence or other problems.  That would be so much a waste of my time because you lack the capacity to understand anything beyond your FOX NEWS driven, White Conservative Indoctrination Media Bubble. 

You can continue to engage in psychological projection, and tell yourself, “if the Ni99ers, or Injuns took over they’d be as bad as us,” if that helps you to sleep at night; I don’t really give a fuck what you think. 

Take your W.R.I.T Score and move on:

W.R.I.T. Score : 2 : Very Poor