What do you think of the Moor/Moore/Muur movement in regards to the belief that the people that are considered Black / African American are actually Indigenous peoples native to the land mass considered North America. If you got this question before please link me to your response because these individuals baffle me to no end but it has become a point of interest in regards to understanding varied perspectives. Thank you.

I think Moors, Moorish Science, and the overall movement is utter nonsense. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I’m kinda tired of tip-toeing around these topics and issues.  It’s one of many Black Cults that sprang up since the end of the Reconstruction Era in Black America.  

Oppressed populations who have little to no agency in their lives or larger society are very susceptible to cults and fantasy.  

The Moors are a cult that spoke to the damaged and attacked collective egos of Blacks in the US.  It taught that we were not Africans, that we were some kinda Black Arab Islamic Hybrid, and some sects teach that Blacks are Native Americas.  So the Moors removed Blacks for the shame and stigma of being African that was manufactured here in the West (and perpetuated by our imposed ignorance of our culture), and it tied us to grand historical fantasies and eras of the Moorish occupation of Europe and pre-colonial America.  

In the distant and recent past Blacks would flock to any cult that would remove us from Africa and place us in some other historical or divine historical timeline and culture.  The Black Hebrews also do this, so to many other Black Islamic cults.  

I’ve written and mocked the Moors in the past, even though I have some friends, associates, relatives, and allies who mess around that nonsense. I don’t shun Black people who get caught up in that mess if they are not so far gone that they can’t engage with other Blacks who have divergent views and practices.    

Here’s some other stuff I’ve said about the Moors: http://diallokenyatta.tumblr.com/search/moors