On Human Nature & White Domination.

folks try to front like the drive to conquest, ecocide, domination,
theft, and enslavement is a universal trait, common to all races; and
that they are just better at it than the rest of us.  

they asserted that we were less than human, and bred to be dominated, or
cursed to server the greater races; but when that myth dissolved the
developed the concept of a universal Human nature, then they impose the Western Mentality and Personality as the universal standard for humanity.

Before they asserted that White ruled because they were the fist men,
the men closest to god, the most intelligent, the most beautiful, the
most worthy; today, they deny that they rule, they deny that there’s
reason beyond their hold over the land, labor, and resources of humanity
other than they “hard work.”  

Today, when we look at the
state of the world, they say “it’s just human nature,” that’s just the
way it is, that life just isn’t fair.

Black people are even stupid enough to parrot this modern concept of a universal human nature that lets Whites off the hook.

They really believe that if non-Whites were in the same position, had
the same opportunities, that we’d do the exact same things, int he exact
same way as Europeans have been doing for the last 500 years.  

They ignore that fact that Africans and other non-Whites had
civilizations and empires that spanned more than 10,000 years and they
did not behave like the Europeans, they didn’t destroy ecosystems, or
build economies based Chattel Slavery, they didn’t invent  toxic ideologies and world views that threaten the very life sustaining capacity of the planet.

Now, the unspoken notion is that non-White were not smart enough to create Nuclear bombs, Nuclear Energy, Industrial Revolutions, Capitalism, B-2 Stealth Bombers, Big Macs, Concentration camps, Chemical weapons, Biological weapons, Weaponized viruses, Genetically modified organisms,
and all that other shit, and if our ancestors were smart enough, they
would have done so.  It’s never suggested that Africans and other
non-White civilizations were too moral, too intelligent, too rooted in
the ecosystems they depended on to create such technologies and systems.

Everywhere we find the Western Way of Life; Western Systems,
Ideologies, and Technologies outside of Europe, we find a place that had
all of these “wonders” forced upon them.  There are not people outside
of Europe that begged for this, for the gifts of Western Civilization.  

Where you find non-Whites engaged in these Western Systems, you find
people who had all other options removed or destroyed by Whites.  

I’m saying all this because the ultimate outcomes of the Systems and
Institutions of White Domination are coming to a head in our lifetimes; Mass extinctions, Global warming, Global Crop Failures, Colony collapse disorder, Global Nuclear contamination, Global Deforestration, Ocean acidification, Industrial pollution induces Global Pandemics, Anthropogenic Droughts, Anthropogenic Super Storms, etc, etc, etc.

As these outcomes begin to impact more and more of us directly the
White Media Apparatus is gonna push this “Mankind, Human Nature”
bullshit even harder.  They will work to share or spread the blame for
the destruction of the life sustaining capacity of earth across all
races, all nations, all people’s.  

They will hire New Negros
and sell-outs from all other Races to help them blame us all, to force
us and even our ancestors to share the blame for the Crimes of White
People and the Crimes of Western culture.  

We have to stop this, we need to fight this as hard as we should be fighting the Systems of Global White Domination.

If Whites can promote that lie that we all just like them and they just
like us, then they will destroy any real justification of resistance or
even accountability; because if we would have done, or will do the same
when we take power, then what’s the point in even changing who’s in

Any individual that promote this “human nature” myth, or
who denounce “blaming the White man” for any or everything should be
exposed as a willing or unconscious servant of this agenda to absolve
the West of their crimes and the blame for the state of the world today.

We need Revolution, and Revolution requires accountability for Crimes against humanity, and Crimes Against Nature.

There is not same in issuing blame against a guilty party or group,
there’s no shame in being a victim and articulating you victimization.  
Don’t play that game either.

Wake Up. Get Organized. Fight Like Hell.  Forward.