Diallo’s Conspricy Corner: From Communist Bogeyman, to Islamic Bogeyman, & Back Again.

I actually feeling kinda sorry for the Global White Elites (GWE). SMH.

They worked hard to erect the “Global Islamic Terrorist Threat,” they
invested so much time and money creating this Global Bogeyman and they
didn’t even get a solid 20 year run out of them. So sad.

I mean
they started off with one hell of a “BANG!;” but the shit just couldn’t
be sustained. They staged the false flag attack on 9/11 and that shit
really got the ball rolling. The ball got rolling late, but that’s not
their fault, they failed to collapse the Twin Towers during the first False flag attacks on the WTC in 1993, and they failed to make Omar Abdel-Rahman the face of Global Islamic Terror like they intended. But you know the GWE don’t give up easily.

So they came back with an even grander scheme for the WTC and an even
better (CIA constructed, trained, and funded) Super Villain: ole’ Osama.
The GWE wanted to get the War on Terror off the ground right after the
fall of the Soviet Union, but the failed 1993 attack delayed them, but the Yugoslav Wars provided a good Cold War hold over until they could get the Global War on Terror off the ground.

Shit got off to a good start, and Obama took the Global War on Terror
Baton from Bush and did what the Black man always does when he’s handed a
baton, he picked up speed and advanced that shit beyond the wildest
dreams of his (GWE) coaches.

The problem is, the Global Terror
Threat didn’t hold up too well, after the staged capture and execution
of Osama, they failed to erect another Super Villain to take his place,
they couldn’t do another major False Flag attack on US soil because of
how aggressive the 9/11 Truth movement
has been, and their minor bombing in Boston didn’t move the masses like
9/11 did; (also the bombers appeared to be White, and White folks in
the US are quick to forget terrorism when it’s done by a White bomber;
just ask Timothy McVeigh if you don’t believe; I guess they couldn’t find any brown skin patsy in Boston, it’s a really White town).

Not even staged beheadings, and a massive PR re-branding campaign to
morph Al-Qaeda into the even scarier ISIS/ISIL has failed to breath new
life into the War on Terror. The American masses just ain’t with it
anymore. Poor Obama couldn’t follow through on his orders to invade
Syria, and they can’t even overthrow the governments in Iran or Syria
through proxy wars or Arab Spring protest; and their puppets in Turkey,
Pakistan, and Jordan are cutting the strings. They don’t even know how
shit in Saudi Aribia is gonna play out after the death of the dictator
over there.

I know it seems like the GWE should be happy with a
15 year run and over a trillion dollars stolen from the American masses
over those years to fight a false war, it would appear to be a success
on the surface.

However, if you look beyond the surface you’ll
see why the GWE are so pissed. Just look at the false war and Bogeyman
they erected prior to the War on Terror; the Cold War.

got over a 50 year run and trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions of
dollars outta that hustle! They had folk building Backyard Bomb
Shelters, turning in their neighbors, they Blacklisted Hollywood Stars,
and had folks hatting communism even though they couldn’t tell you what
the hell it was. They did this for over 50 years, over generations!
Oh, and Joseph Stalin
remained a bankable Super Villain long after his death, unlike Osama.
Even now if you mention Stalin or communism; AWAs (Average White
Americans) will turn red and spit. If you mention Osama they will
simply shrug their shoulders and say “we got em.”

So compared to
the Cold War, the War on Terror was a failure in the eyes of the GWE.
They didn’t even get 20 years out of the War on Terror before folks
started waking up to the scam.

Now the GWE are forced to make
Russia the villain again, they are trying to resurrect the Cold War,
it’s so sad; the GWE are out of options and out of ideas.

they do have working for them is the extreme ignorance of the American
population. We have no historical memory and we totally lack the
capacity for critical thinking as a nation, so their new hustle is
working so far; people really believe when Obama tells them that “Putin
is a threat to its neighbors,” and that the US is fighting for the
sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine; same shit they said about Saddam
Hussein and Iraq.

Under Bill Clinton the masses were told that
Russia was our friend and a partner in the spread of Capitalism to the
East, now, as we approach the era of Clinton 2.0 we are being told that
Russia is the enemy again; and muthafuckas are buying that shit!!

But fuck it, lets debate how the Seattle Seahawks fucked up their Superbowl win for another few months.