lol. what do u have against mansa musa? he’s the richest man that ever lived. shouldn’t we take pride?

That’s what I have against him.  Just like the Hyper Rich today, they are all parasites, and there’s no evidence that Mansa Musa was any different.

No one, no matter how you value labor, inventions, or social contributions, no one had done a billion dollars worth of work, so to get to that billions you have to be sucking the bloodline of your society for more than your share.

Let’s look at Bill Gates, the Riches man in this society, he’s not rich because he invented Windows, he’s rich because of economic policy, taxation policy, international trade policy, and patent laws; which allow him to exploit slave and starvation wage labor in the 3rd World, to pay tax rates that are just a fraction of what the average worker pays, to store his money in overseas accounts and bury it in foundations and NfPs, to unfairly secure contracts with Governments and large institutions like Universities to force them to use his product, even if a cheaper and better produce is available.  The computer and the internet was developed using public (social/collective) resources, workers, and money; then opened up to private industry; to people who feel little to no obligation to help sustain the society that invented and set up the infrastructure for computers and wireless tech. 

So, I have no reason to conclude that Mansa Musa was any different than the parasitic Elites today, who live in obscene opulence as the masses of their people struggle.

Also, if you study the history and treasonous actions of the Black Arabs, or Arabized Africans; you’d be suspicious if not out right hateful of them.  I won’t even get into that, but I encourage you to look at North Africa today, and North African since the Arab Invasions and Occupations of the African Continent, then tell me about how much we should honor a Hyper Rich Black Muslim from the the 13th Century, or one from today.

Some historians argure that the opulence Musa displayed in his Pilgrimage to Mecca played a huge role in provoking conflicts and invasions, and destabilizing the economies of many nations he traveled to and through; just like the Hyper Rich today can collapses and conflicts regional economies by manipulation the markets or targeting nations for development and others for divestment.

I really don’t know what up with Black people, I’m all for Pro-Blackness, but it should have it’s limits.  We are quick to denounce the opulence and greed of European Kings like Louis XVI
and even celebrate his demise, but we love Mansa.  We oppose Bush in his imperial policies, but we support Obama. SMH.  That don’t make sense to me.

So I say again Fuck Mansa Musa!

Arab invasions, colonizations, and occupations set the stage and opened the door for European colonization, genocide, and mass enslavement.  Islame is as guilty of the Maafa as the West, and Black Muslims need to come to terms with that fact.