On Hood Fight Vids & Black Shaming

I swear, I keep seeing all of these Hood fight videos, followed by a
barrage of negative comments bout Black youth and Black people in

Maybe I need start posting drone bombing aftermath videos, or Mountaintop removal mining videos, or Clear cutting
videos, or the endangered species list and see if Black people will go
in on White people, multinational corporations, the wealth investors, or
other groups of people who have a direct hand in committing global
scale violence against all of us and future generation.

Well, I do post that kinda shit and New Negros don’t target their
Masters for retaliation, or even ridicule.  They just attack the poor,
under educated, the under resourced, people that think are beneath them
just like the were trained to do.

Fuck all of you who keep
posting them damn Hood fight videos, and fuck all of you who make
disparaging comments about Black people on them.  Fuck all of yall.  
Self-hating Slave asses.