What’s your take on the African Peoples Socialist Party & Omali Yeshitela?

Chairman Omali’s analysis of the Systems, Motivations, and Institutions of White Domination are always on point, and I stand in solidarity with all Pan-Africans, especially Socialist Pan-Africanist, and Black Revolutionist.

But, and there’s always a but, right; but I think the APSP and InPDUM could use some modernization and refinement of their methodology and tactics, but that’s strictly an outsiders assessment. 

I find that organizations that have static leadership, or a single strong personality at the helm are vulnerable to stagnation, or they fall into the state of “existing for the sake of existence,” as opposed to progressing towards their ultimate agenda or ideas. 

The Chairman has been at the helm since 1972.  The Leader for Life tendency has not worked for us, but we can’t let it go, not in African or in Pan-African organizations.  It is a core element of State-Craft and Institution building to know how to have a change of leadership but a consistency of mission, we are still learning I guess.

This is not personal to Chairman Omali, but on the issues in general.  From the Nation of Islam to the Nation of Zimbabwe, we really need to advance beyond the Leadership for Life tendency.

Again, I’m only speaking from my own limited observations of the organization he heads.

I do encourage people to join the APSP or any other Pan-African formaiton in their area and get to work, don’t allow any actual or preceived flaws discourage you, join and build.