Are biracial people considered black or African in your opinion?

My rule is to ask biracial people who they see themselves as, and see if their self-definitions matches their actions; and I stand on that.

I used to adhere to the One Drop Theory, but that’s now passe, and we got Biracial, Multiracial, Multiethnic, “I’m only Human,” Post-Racial, and all kinds of titles; I don’t even bother trying to keep up.

I’ve had biracial people tell me; I’m Black!, I’m White!, I’m Half&Half, I’m of no Race; and my response is always the same: “OK.”

It think biracial people have the right of self-definition and the rest of us have the right to accept or reject their self-definition, I lean towards acceptance for the most part, except when some Blue Black Sister wanna tell me about how her (rapist) Great-great Irish Grandfather makes her all, or part Irish, that’s a crazy person, and you meet a lot of them, I don’t go there with them.

Note: Now, I know the history of betrayal that our biracial Brothers/Sisters/Cousins/Kinfolk have done, and that history needs to be taught for the benefit of our people in general, but I ain’t holding that against Black folks today, unless they work to continue those acts. 

We have some biracial and light-skinned Black people who live by what I call the “Light Skin Pledge,” and they as Black as the rest of us in my book.

Light Skin Pledge:
“I was born Black! I Live Black! & I’m Probably Gon Die Because I’m Black…” (LoL! relax, I’m joking….not really, but I am, but not really.)