If, instead of mandating that everyone buy health insurance from for-profit companies that have a long, unbroken history of providing substandard coverage, and skimming billions for profit,…

Obama could have mandated that the only individuals who are allowed to earn any money from the delivery of healthcare are healthcare professionals, and those providing support services to healthcare professions. All others should be banned from interfering or profiting from healthcare.

That alone would not only make healthcare more affordable for all, it would greatly increase the overall health for the society.

The people who make the most from healthcare don’t even enter hospitals, or clinics, they don’t invent medical procedures, technology, or medicines, they don’t even interact with sick and injured people!!

The Insurance Industry CEOs, and the big share holders in these medical and pharmaceutical companies are the one’s making the most money and profiting by making healthcare an expensive commodity instead of a human right.

Most of them muthafuckas inherited their wealth, and simply live of the dividend of the rape, theft, and enslavement of their forefathers.

Hundreds of people die in this nation every day so that people that can’t even spell ‘X-Ray’ can collect money from people’s need for healthcare.

Obama reinforces this corrupt system, he didn’t reform or improve it in any way.

Just as Paris Hilton makes millions from the hotel and hospitality industry even though she has never made a hotel room bed, or mopped the lobby of a Hilton Hotel room, those making millions on healthcare are the same way.

They only difference is, no one dies when they are denied a room at one of the Hilton Hotels, so she can suck as much profit as she wants, and folks can just go Couchsurfing instead. People don’t have that options when they get cancer or their child is hit by a car, you can’t opt out of needing healthcare.

That’s why Obamacare and privatized for-profit healthcare is so insidious, it literally puts a price on the heads of our family members.