Greetings, What are your thoughts on Nigerians peoples response dealing with missing school kids V.S. Chicanos people response with dealing missing kids. One people held signs and the other molotov cocktails thrown? What happen to our warrior spirit?

Our warrior spirit is still with us, we the media just dosen’t represent it, and we’ve failed to build our own independent media apparatus to display and promote it.

There are armed resistance struggle in Nigeria surrounding the expolitation of the Niger Delta region that don’t get exposure or honest coverage in the media.

Nigerians have demonstrated to willingness and ability to bring their corrupt nation to its knees, they have heart, but it’s hard to mobilize armed forces and movements when there is no sustained Revolutionary formation doing ongoing work on the ground, and many of the Revolutionary formations were smashed at the same time they were here in the USA under COINTELPRO.

Also, the Mexican uprasing didn’t form overnight, look at the few decades following NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) when Mexico’s economy and local production was hollowed out, when the Mexican oligarch sold out their own nation and pawned it off to the drug cartels (that are armed by US intelligence agencies just like the gangs in the Black community in the US).  It has taken decades and the death of many thousands for Mexico to mobilize, there are thousands of corpses all over Mexico that were not put to rest or given justice by the people. 

I hope the Mexican people, the Real Natives and Africans in that nation, not the fucking European Spaniards and Conquistadors who like to play Mexican for political manipulation of the masses; I hope they build on, sustain, and internationalize their struggle as well, but there’s no need to use their gallant efforts to beat up on or demean our Brothers and Sisters in Africa.  Our legacy of struggle is as consistent and strong as any other oppressed peoples.