Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Republican Revolution 2.0

Looks like we are in the mist of the Republican Revolution 2.0.

Who else is old enough to remember Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America?

Remember when they said the the Republican Party took over because the voting majority wanted a change in Washington, they wanted an end to the Liberal TAX and Spend policies, that America wanted to go in a new direction, that they wanted to turn this country around?

Remember all that?

The Republicans are saying the exact same things, and they were lying then and they are lying now. I suspect that, just as Bill Clinton had to endure an impeachment so will Obama. Also, just like Clinton, Obama will not be impeached due to his many international war crimes and other impeachable offenses but for some bullshit, if not a blowjob than over failing to hold to some obscure political protocol.

If he does duck impeachment Obama will still be a Lame Duck President who will not see any of his initiatives pushed through, he will also endure more blatant humiliations from both the Legislative branch and the ultra-right Judicial branch of the government.

Of course, as dysfunctional as the Federal, State, and Local Governments are set up to be; we can rest assured that all of the policies and legislation that serve the White Elites, the Military and Military Contractors, and Multinational Corporations will be smoothly pushed through with Bipartisan support. They will only squabble over, obstruct, and kill bills and policies that speak to the interest of the masses.

This is a repeating and predictable political trend in US politics, but I think there’s something we are not seeing.

If you look at the Republican Revolution of the 1900s, it came right on the heels of the Rodney King riots. White people, after being fed a steady diet of Black people rebelling against the Racist Status Quo, ran to the polls to vote for the Racist Republicans and against their own economic and social interest.

Now, look at all of the instances of Police Brutality and Homicides that started piling up in the run up to the 2014 Election cycle. I mean the BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant , to the Troy Davis execution, to Trayvon Martin, to the Mike Brown shooting. Look at all of that.

Not that police brutality and murder are new, but in the last few years the Corporate Media has been giving blanket coverage to these issues, not to the murderers and the institutional injustices, but to the people rising up in the streets, the people protesting and demonstrating for justice, people seeking to have their voice heard after being ignored for so long.

Why all of a sudden did Fox News and these other corporate media outlets begin to give a damn? To give coverage to these issues of brutality that are always with us?

Because they know when Black folks “riot” in the streets, White folks riot at the ballot box. Whites have always supported a Police-State and Regressive Policies to keep Black folks from getting too Uppity, and they are more than willing to vote against their own economic interest if the pay off is keeping the “Blacks in their place.”

There is a false notion that Republicans are more willing to deny Blacks any political and economic concessions, and that they are more willing to bring down the hammer on Blacks when we get to rowdy. This ain’t true, but the Republicans are more blatant in their repression of Black people than Democrats.

So when we take to the streets, White folks vote Republican.

The Rodney King Riots gave us the Republican Revolution in 1994, and the Ferguson riots have given us the Republican Revolution in 2014!

They had to publicize many more acts of Police and White Brutality and injustice got get an uprising in 2014 than in 1994 because Black people have been so pacified over the decades.

Now that the Republicans are in office, watch how Police Brutality and Homicides are buried in the local news if they are covered at all, how our efforts to expose these ongoing atrocities are once again ignored. Watch how the parents of these murdered children will not have an opportunity to rub shoulders with New Negro Celebrities like the parents to Trayvon and Mike Brown did.

We won’t be seen or heard again until the White Elites need us to scare the White voting majority to vote the Republicans into office again; they know our protest, uprisings, demonstrations, and even riots are not threat to the Institutions and Systems of White Domination, but they are an effective tool to scare ignorant White people to support policies and politicians they otherwise would reject.

(Now, that is just an analysis; not an appeal for Black people to vote Democratic, or to depend to the “legitimate” political processes for justice or liberation.
Our solutions rest in Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, which we should be advancing no matter who’s in office. We are Subjects of the American Empire, not truly citizens of the United States, and we need to really understand that and act accordingly, it don’t matter if you voted or not; Black Politics are the Politics of Revolution and Liberation.
So please don’t take this as a pro-Democrat post, or a “get more Blacks registered to vote” message, it’s simply an attempt to better understand the State, so that we can better organized for our own interested independent of the State.)