If I played contemporary jazz, this would be my album cover. #BroDiallo (at Kansas City, Missouri)
I salvaged this basket off of an abandoned bike; Hyde Park is a virtual bike graveyard, so before you go buy new parts & shit you should ride through there with some tools & see what you can “discover.” ? #Freegan #FrugalSwag (at Hyde Park, Chicago)
Good soil = Good food. #Compost? #UrbanAg #EcologicOutreach? #HFGarden (at Bronzeville, Chicago)
#CultureBandits #PoorRighteousTeachers #WiseIntelligent
odinsblog: thesociologicalcinema: Environmental Racism Is Nothing New Race is the most significant predictor of a person living near contaminated air, water, or soil. Source: The Nation​ I don’t want to belittle this. Yes, environmental racism is nothing new, but it is a man-made problem, and as such, it can be fixed by poeple. We have to recognize it as a significant problem and take steps to stop it, but it doesn’t have to stay like...
All Empires are Terminal, all of them. (at National World War I Museum and Memorial)

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