We have another ‪#‎NewNegro‬ pretending to be down with RBG, another potential, or active Rapist, another Rape Apologist who’s Self Exposed himself.  

I wanted to post a picture of his face, if you know him, please
warn others of his views, and admitted behaviors.  His Fb page is full
of RBG images, Pro-Black images, calls for Black people to come
together, but then he post this kinda sickness.  That’s the New Negro,  they try to merge their Westernized Pathologies with Pan-African Ideologies.  

I can’t keep up, all these RBG pretenders keep popping up, I can’t keep
up.  Black men we need to stand up, these attitudes are not acceptable,
especially when they hide behind the RBG as they promote and condone
Rape, and the administration of intoxicants in order to have sex with

I need yall help, please start exposing these New Negros, follow the New Negro Self Exposure Protocol: ‪#‎NNSEP‬.  We have to start collecting Intel on these infiltrators and traitors, this is serious.

Also, let this give some understanding to those who profess that this
Cosby shit is just a mere distraction or a conspiracy to bring down a
prominent Black man, it’s neither.  It’s an opportunity for us to
address a neglected problem in our own community: the disrespect,
commodification, rape, and dehumanization of Black women, the rampant
Sexism within the Black cultural community.  

Expose, Isolate, and Expel all:


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