Why are black men are so scared, so cowardly?

Black men are not cowardly, far from it. 

Its funny because this rational was used to exclude Black men from military service, that we were too undisciplined and cowardly for military service; and each and every time the US got its ass into the fire they allowed Black men into the military and our ancestors (stupidly) helped save this nation from military defeat.  From the Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, to the Spanish America War, to WWI & WWII, to Vietnam.  Black men performed on the battle field like we do in the sports arenas, on the performance stages, and in academic fields….with Super Human Ability, when we are allowed in and permitted to flourish. 

The real tragedy is that we seek entrance (into other people’s Systems, Armies, and Institutions) and wait for permission to fight for our Oppressors, that is the real fucking problem.  However, that dosen’t stem from cowardice, it goes much deeper than that.

You are simply ignorant of history, and a victim of Western Propaganda if you believe that Black men are scared and cowardly. 

“Properly trained, equipped, and motivated there is no greater fighting machine than the African man.” – John Henrick Clarke

The issue is we use our bravery, our strength, our power fighting for the wrong causes, towards the wrong goals, and under the wrong conditions. 

Brothers (and Black women) have more heart than we know, and once we tap into our own culture, and realize we don’t need fucking permission to fight for our own damn interest to the exclusion of all others, it’s a wrap!  Once we dump alien gods and dogmas, and shun alien cultures, it’s over for all of our enemies.

Another thing we seem so let slip is that, winning a battle or war is just the first step, we always drop the ball after that.  We kick the shit outta Jim Crow, and drove the Colonizers out of Africa, then thought we could sit and chill after that.  So the West lost the Race War in the 50s and 60s, but they flipped on us and they Won the Peace, we lost the Peace.  We failed to consolidate and advance our victories.  Again, that has nothing to do with cowardice, it goes much deeper, and if we simply call it cowardice we will never understand or solve the real issues. 


(I’m saying all of this because I assume your are of African Decent, if not then my response is simply: Fuck you, and Fuck off!“)

One more thing, if you are going to pose a question about all Black men being cowards, I suggest that you don’t do so Anonymously…..IJS. #ManInTheMirror #PsychologicalProjecting