But Robert Mugabe says the Chinese are better than the Europeans. Africa is destined to always be colonized by other people. It’s called the curse of Ham


That’s funny since African has spent the least amount of time under colonization of most other occupied lands.  We have a very limited historical memory because Western colonization has erased almost 90% of human history and civilization from the text books and common knowledge.  That’s cool though.

You can run with that Curse of Ham shit, Whites have depended on that myth to both excuse their countless atrocities against Africans, and to give them a false security in the permanence of their domination over the rest of humanity; but it’s fading, it’s all collapsing.  The question is, not if Western Imperialism will fall; but if the planet’s ecosystems will survive the demise of Omnicial Capitalism and Global White Domination.  

The Chinese have demonstrated, so far that they are less genocidal, but equally ecocidal as their Western role models; but their flirtation with Sino Imperialism in Africa will be even more fragile and shorter lived than the West’s.  
I won’t waste your time trying to explain why, cuz if you buy into the Curse of Ham then you are way too stupid to comprehend political, historical, and dialectical analysis of Imperialism and Africa’s colonization.